Colleen Von & Clemens Harris

Engagement Date: 26-02-2020 | Marriage Date: 19-04-2020

Its amazing how one day someone enters your life and you can not remember how you lived without them. The above quotation is well said, we started to discuss in January 2018, we met on February 018, we comitted on September 16, 2018 and bounded in knot on November  25, 2018. Is not it quite fast We were both comfortable in the call, but when we met, it was as if we had known each other for years. Ricky is a precious support and I feel blessed to have it. He lives in Qatar, I will join him in January. However, long-distance problems never bother us because the trust and love we share is more important in our relationship. Our honeymoon at Mauricio here, I met more than Ricky. And that's where I thought I made the right decision. A man who always protects his wife, no matter what happens. Sincerely, Ricky Holland and Abbie Allen Thank you Badhon Matrimony Team